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by: Jason Gluckman

Before you select an anti-aging skin care treatment, take a minute to understand the aging process that underlies skin health. Your skin is a complex organ that first and foremost protects the tissues and organs of the body. The pores in your skin expand and contract in response to heat and cold. Nerves in the skin convey sensory information to the brain. Skin helps retain moisture in the body and protects you from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Skin acts as a barrier to protect you from bacteria and disease.

To understand how skin ages, you have to know something about its structure. Skin is made up of 3 distinct layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. The epidermis is the outermost layer. The dermis is the middle layer. Hair roots, sweat glands, blood vessels and nerves can be found in the dermis. The subcutaneous layer consists of fat (adipose) cells and is attached to bones and muscles via connective tissue.

So how does skin age? Young skin is resilient and holds moisture efficiently � the dermis does a good job of supplying moisture to the epidermis � so the skin appears smooth and well hydrated, plump and firm. The dermis is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin by virtue of elastin fibers and a protein called collagen. Over time, elastin and collagen are depleted. The dermis gets thinner and less able to transport moisture to the epidermis, the skin begins to sag and appears dry and dull, and eventually wrinkles are formed. As if this weren�t enough, a chemical process called oxidation works on all cells in your body. Oxidation produces molecules called free radicals, which damage cells, ultimately resulting in conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Based on this information, it should be easier to make an informed decision when choosing anti-aging skin care treatments. Agents that transport and hold moisture in the epidermis are one class of product you should investigate. Products that contain collagen and/or elastin may also be beneficial. Finally, antioxidants that neutralize free radicals can be powerful allies in your battle against aging. Understanding the aging process and the ways to counteract it can only improve your chances of success.

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